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In our increasingly complex world, federal and state governments continue to increase the regulation of business and other daily non-business undertakings, regularly criminalizing activities previously unregulated and commonly believed to be benign.  This is the danger faced equally by the titans of industry on Wall Street, and the small businessmen on Main Street.

            A criminal investigation or charge is a defining moment for any client.  Our focus is on the client’s needs, and the dedication of tactics and resources to the zealous defense of the client’s interests.  Our attorneys maintain the depth and breadth of experience to serve the needs of our clients across the spectrum.  We employ attorneys experienced in all aspects of criminal law, including the conduct of internal corporate investigations, grand jury proceedings, trial and appellate work, as well as government initiated parallel criminal and civil proceedings.

            Our clients entrust us with their fortunes, their lives and their liberties.  At Martin & Seibert, L.C., we never forget those interests are at stake, and successfully work every day to protect our clients and to vindicate the trust placed in us.






Glenn F. Koontz

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