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The Martin & Seibert, L.C. Summer Law Clerk Program is one of the firm's main sources of attorney recruitment. Our program is designed to select future attorneys based upon their demonstrated abilities and aptitudes.

At Martin & Seibert, law clerks are given the unique opportunity to work alongside seasoned attorneys, drafting real documents that will have a direct impact on the cases involving our Fortune 500 clients. Our open-door policy allows clerks to freely ask questions and work through real problems with associates and shareholders alike. We also utilize daily critiques of assignments, with an emphasis placed on positive reinforcement. The goal of our program is to help hone the skills of future attorneys and assist them in discovering the kind of attorney they aspire to become.

Our clerks have a variety of unique opportunities afforded to them when working with the firm. They are given the chance to attend trials, depositions and mediations as well as meet and talk with local judges. Clerks with Martin & Seibert, L.C. also attend weekly staff meetings alongside firm management and attorneys. Clerks also participate in a Q&A; with shareholders during their final week with the firm. This provides our law clerks with the opportunity to gain advice from seasoned attorneys about hunting for that allusive first legal job, surviving year one as an associate attorney, or any other aspect of a legal career they may have concerns about.

Midway through the summer- as well as at the completion of the program- our clerks are evaluated based upon their performance as well as their impact on the firm as a whole. These evaluations allow them to reflect upon their experiences, capitalize on their strengths and recognize and improve weaknesses.

Read below to find out what past law clerks have said about their experience at Martin & Seibert, L.C.:

"Challenging, rewarding, motivating and fun. If I had to pick four words to describe my summer clerkship experience with Martin & Seibert, L.C. they would be challenging, rewarding, motivating and fun. The attorneys at Martin & Seibert challenged me to immerse myself in the firm's cases and to do substantive legal work on a variety of topics. It was rewarding to see my legal writing in communication to clients and in filings with courts. The atmosphere of Martin & Seibert is motivating in that the firm encourages its summer clerks to become the best lawyers they can possibly be and the members of the Martin & Seibert team lead by example. Overall, I worked hard this summer but I also had a lot of fun - I don't know of any other summer clerks who can return to their schools with trophies and fond memories of an annual Shareholder-Law Clerk Mini-Golf Showdown. I could not have chosen a better firm with which to spend my summer."

- Michelle J. Upchurch, West Virginia University School of Law Martin & Seibert, L.C. Law Clerk, Summer 2007 - present

"I really enjoyed my summer at Martin & Seibert. Spending the summer as a law clerk here is an excellent opportunity to work on a variety of legal topics and get an exposure in different areas of law. Clerk projects vary widely in working on different areas of law and different phases of litigation. The firm's open door policy creates a positive environment for clerks to ask questions and learn about the law and the legal workplace. Martin & Seibert has a real focus on education throughout the firm, which makes it a great place for a law student to spend a summer. The Martinsburg legal community is very receptive of students. Everyone I met in court, at depositions, or at mediations was always willing to stop and talk to summer law clerks. It's encouraging to see such a helpful and collegial atmosphere between people in the local legal community."

- Brian P. McMorrow, Penn State Dickinson School of Law Martin & Seibert, L.C. Law Clerk, Summer 2007

"Martin & Seibert, L.C's Summer Law Clerk Program offers law students the opportunity to gain experience in interesting and complex legal issues while receiving daily feedback from the firm's highly-skilled attorneys. Martin & Seibert's Law Clerk Program is also distinctive in that clerks are able to become familiar with the more practical aspects of the practice of law. I highly recommend the Summer Law Clerk Program to any law student looking to gain real-life legal experience in a friendly, positive work environment."

- Christopher R. Moore, William & Mary Law School Martin & Seibert, L.C. Law Clerk, Summer 2004 & 2005

*Since his graduation from law school, Mr. Moore joined the firm full-time and has been an associate with Martin & Seibert, L.C. since 2006.

"My clerkship at Martin & Seibert, L.C. is best described as hands-on. In one particular case, I was involved from the very beginning, investigating the actual facts involved, assessing the potential liability, and drafting an evaluation of the case for the client. I continued in the fact-finding process by drafting discovery and discussing the pros and cons of bringing in a third-party defendant with the managing partner. With a little insight from the experienced attorneys in the office, I then drafted the motion for leave to file a third-party complaint and the third-party complaint itself. From this one case alone, I got more "real world" experience than I ever expected."

- Laura A. Martin, Penn State Dickinson School of Law Martin & Seibert, L.C. Law Clerk, Summer 2007


We realize you did not go to law school to spend your career in a library. Attorneys choose to work at Martin & Seibert, L.C. because we provide opportunities you cannot find in larger firms that frequently hire new graduates to function as staff attorneys or to serve the firm in a limited capacity. We believe in providing responsibility early and in preparing you to work directly with clients soon after you join the firm. We train our attorneys to become competent, well-rounded practitioners, capable of handling a variety of legal problems.

Our investment in new attorneys is substantial, so we hire individuals who possess the professional and personal qualities we consider important in our practice. Emphasis is placed on an individual's work quality, initiative, and conscientiousness. Experienced attorneys assist younger attorneys in the transition from law school to practice. New attorneys are given responsibility commensurate with their ability to perform. We train attorneys at two levels: practice functions and firm organization. During the early stage of training, new attorneys receive assignments from senior attorneys who will review and evaluate their work. Work is assigned based on the firm's needs, but our attorneys are encouraged to take the initiative to seek out work that interests them. Once a new attorney becomes familiar with our practice, we begin the process of providing training within the firm and in practice management.

Attorneys are regularly provided with meaningful performance evaluations. We believe that attributes such as aggressiveness and motivation can be channeled in productive ways. Frequently, participation in continuing education, bar-related activities, and community involvement provides a suitable outlet for new lawyers who are eager to advance their careers. It is our belief that well-rounded individuals make the best attorneys and we strive to keep our attorneys involved in the community and in developing their respective practices commensurate with the level of expertise and professionalism our clients have come to expect.



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To find out first-hand what it is like to clerk at Martin & Seibert, send us an e-mail with your questions, and a current or former clerk will reply - click here


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