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Martin & Seibert, L.C. maintains an active governmental affairs practice in the State of West Virginia. We represent a number of Fortune 500 companies in front of the state legislature, handle administrative issues before state regulatory offices, and lobby for reforms that will benefit West Virginia's business climate.

Our attorneys possess a unique set of experience and skill gained through work in both the public and private sectors. We maintain an office just minutes from the legislature in Charleston and work tirelessly to provide effective representation for our clients. Our focus has traditionally been on transportation, gaming, utilities, and insurance issues, and we stand ready to assist and advise in other areas as well.

Past work done by the firm has included:

  • Drafting legislation
  • Negotiating and implementing tax credits and incentives for new and expanding businesses
  • Assisting with legislative corrections and revisions
  • Analysis and advice regarding proposed or pending legislation
  • Working to bring business and government together in mutually beneficial endeavors
  • Representing clients in administrative actions and before administrative law judges
  • Preparing applications and other related documents for licenses, permits, waivers, and administrative approvals
  • Lobbying on behalf of clients on specific issues or legislation

For more information about our government affairs work, please contact Clarence "CEM" Martin at (304) 262-3213 or via e-mail at [email protected].


Clarence E. Martin, III


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