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Employers today face the prospect of ever-increasing workers' compensation premium and benefit payments. They must be prepared to handle claims grounded on every conceivable theory.

Martin & Seibert, L.C. has a specialized practice aimed at preventing workers' compensation problems before they develop and in achieving the best possible result where litigation is unavoidable. Unlike many other law firms, we treat workers' compensation as a specialized area of the law, separate and apart from other work that the firm may be performing for the client.

We provide day-to-day advice and services designed to reduce costs and eliminate conflicts wherever possible. We advise clients on such issues as medical, temporary total, permanent partial and permanent total disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation, benefit and premium rates, investigations and pre-employment and return-to-work physicals.

Our attorneys have the medical background essential for the analysis and litigation of workers' compensation claims and are trained to handle the full spectrum of claims arising from: occupational injury, disease, pneumoconiosis, hearing loss, vocational rehabilitation, and mental and sexual harassment. Martin & Seibert, L.C. maintains a solid working relationship with the medical community for expert witness and consultation purposes.

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