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The Summer Clerkship Program is a primary source of attorney recruitment at Martin & Seibert. L.C. The Summer Clerkship Program is designed to select future attorneys based upon their demonstrated abilities and aptitudes. We believe the program should facilitate an effort by both the Firm and the summer law clerk to foster a prospective attorney.

A summer clerkship must provide an opportunity for prospective attorneys to develop an understanding of the philosophy of the firm, its clients, and its staff. Our summer law clerks are generally not assigned to a single legal specialty or department. This flexibility provides an opportunity for the future attorneys to experience the diverse practice areas within the firm and the different abilities and specialties of its members. Each summer law clerk is assigned a mentor who oversees all aspects of the clerk's development and work. Clerks regularly attend trials, depositions, conferences, and client interviews. Summer law clerks do more than perform research and draft legal memoranda and documents. When appropriate, special admission to practice is offered. Feedback is the key to learning and Martin & Seibert, L.C. provides its clerks daily critiques of assignments as wells as formal evaluations. Emphasis is always placed on positive reinforcements and practical training so that the summer provides realistic experience in preparing the study for the practice of law.

Summer law clerks are evaluated at the completion of their program. The evaluations allow them to reflect upon their experiences, capitalize on their strengths, and recognize and improve upon their weaknesses. Daily critiques of work assignments are received by the summer law clerks with emphasis placed on positive reinforcement. Summer law clerks at Martin & Seibert, L.C. can return to their schools and discuss their accomplishments, knowing they are preparing themselves to practice law.   The environment outside the work place is as important to a career decision, as the work environment of the firm. Ample free time and social activities allow summer law clerks to learn why our lawyers chose Martinsburg as their home.


We realize you did not go to law school to spend your career in a library. Attorneys choose to work at Martin & Seibert, L.C. because we provide opportunities you cannot find in larger firms that frequently hire new graduates to function as staff attorneys or to serve the firm in a limited capacity. We believe in providing responsibility early and in preparing you to work directly with clients soon after you join the firm. We train our attorneys to become competent, well-rounded practitioners, capable of handling a variety of legal problems.

Our investment in new attorneys is substantial, so we hire individuals who possess the professional and personal qualities we consider important in our practice. Emphasis is placed on an individual's work quality, initiative, and conscientiousness.  Experienced attorneys assist younger attorneys in the transition from law school to practice. New attorneys are given responsibility commensurate with their ability to perform. We train attorneys at two levels: practice functions and firm organization. During the early stage of training, new attorneys receive assignments from senior attorneys who will review and evaluate their work. Work is assigned based on the firm's needs, but our attorneys are encouraged to take the initiative to seek out work that interests them. Once a new attorney becomes familiar with our practice, we begin the process of providing training within the firm and in practice management.

Attorneys are regularly provided with meaningful performance evaluations. We believe that attributes such as aggressiveness and motivation can be channeled in productive ways. Frequently, participation in continuing education, bar-related activities, and community involvement provides a suitable outlet for new lawyers who are eager to advance their careers. It is our belief that well-rounded individuals make the best attorneys and we strive to keep our attorneys involved in the community and in developing their respective practices commensurate with the level of expertise and professionalism our clients have come to expect.




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