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Our first goal is to avoid litigation where this is in our client's best interest and, second, to resolve litigated claims as expeditiously and aggressively as possible, at the lowest cost to the client, while still maintaining the highest quality of representation. Through advanced planning, our attorneys can assist management in avoiding charges of discrimination and wrongful discharge. Personnel policies and procedures are carefully drafted and reviewed. We have experience in working with clients to develop effective workforce analyses and performance evaluation systems as a defense mechanism against discrimination claims arising out of reductions in force or discharges for cause.

In the benefits area, we have undertaken extensive analyses of retirement plans for as many as 45,000 employees, and, in conjunction with investment advisors, developed practical and cost effective compliance procedures to meet ERISA and DOL requirements.

Our attorneys stay abreast of any changes in the large volume of administrative regulations and case law produced in this area and communicate any pertinent changes promptly to the client both through our employment newsletter and directly to clients with specific interests.

At the executive level, we can be of assistance in negotiating and developing executive compensation options, or in making board-level presentations on the complex issues of business succession planning.

For further information on employment practices defense or counseling, please contact Susan R. Snowden at 304.262.3220 or at [email protected]



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